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The Transatlantic Post is a monthly editorial on innovation, entrepreneurship and culture. With occasional British satire. Join the community of change-makers, entrepreneurs and investors from over 20 countries.

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“Regularly, an eagerly awaited email pops up in my inbox: the Transatlantic Post. In these short yet very insightful reviews, Kajal explores the entrepreneurial ecosystems she visits in her unstoppable quest for finding out what makes cities and entrepreneurs thrive. The reports are always very informative, but above all they are deeply humane, and full of entrepreneurial optimism. Strongly recommended for anybody looking to understand what drives entrepreneurs around the world”
Cedric Mutz, Investment Director
Emerald Ventures
“The Transatlantic Post perspective on the start up scene in cities around the world is brilliant. It allows me to discover new hubs and keep up to date on the latest start up events and trends”
Juliette Premeneur, London Business School and Co-founder
HER Network London
“I have been an avid reader of the Transatlantic Post. It highlights the importance and impact of migrant entrepreneurs in various countries across the world, both within Europe and beyond.. That positive message needs to be told in an independent way. Kajal, the Director of Growth Hub Global, has sought to do that through an informal but enlightening series of posts to an ever widening audience. I can recommend the posts to both potential start up funders and readers”
Guy Goodwin, Chief Executive
National Centre for Social Research