Kajal Sanghrajka

Championing entrepreneurship in business, education and society

Meet Kajal

Kajal is a passionate advocate of promoting entrepreneurial growth and building entrepreneurial skills for the future of work. She grew up in an immigrant entrepreneurial family in the UK and saw what it meant to create your own destiny and the impact of entrepreneurship on local economies and businesses. She is the Director of Growth Hub Global a consultancy based in London where she leads entrepreneurial growth for businesses, educational institutions, local governments and individuals around the world.

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Kajal has delivered keynotes globally on entrepreneurship, innovation, diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurial ecosystems

Kajal has appeared on TV and in business publications for her entrepreneurial ventures and research in immigrant entrepreneurship

From London to Wall Street, Kajal has led consulting and advisory projects for clients including the LSE, Nasdaq and tech startups

Latest Work

Student Entrepreneurial Skills
An article exploring why it is critical to develop entrepreneurial skills at university in the current economic climate where opportunities for recent graduates are more limited.
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Waiting for Superwoman
A talk for aspiring female founders studying at Emylon Business School to promote female entrepreneurship at university. (Keynote speaker)
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Social Business Innovation
A report exploring how startups with a social science and impact driven foundation ideate and evolve their business models (Author)

An editorial on innovation and entrepreneurship across cities and universities. With occasional British satire.